Storing Your Stuff

There are several reasons to consider using storage services. Perhaps you have a lot of things with sentimental value that is not practical to keep in your house anymore, or you have items currently not in use that you plan to use again in years to come. Many people use storage during the moving process. Maybe you need a safe space to store things that do not fit into your smaller home or while you are transitioning from one home to the next. Whether you’re downsizing, relocating, remodeling, or just looking for some extra storage, we can help you get it moved safely. We don't currently have a storage facility but we do work with many local facilities and can give you a good recommendation.

How to Prepare Your Items for Storage

With many storage facility options in the valley, you should be able to find a self-storage rental that fits your needs. However, before tossing any belongings inside a storage unit, you should be aware of the proper ways to prep and pack your storage items.

1.  Research Storage Restrictions

Be sure to do your homework to find out what you can and can't store inside the unit. The storage unit should provide a list of restricted items.

2. Decide Which Personal Items go into Storage 

Next, consider whether or not you need to store something before putting it inside your storage unit. Why? Well, for starters, the more you store, the bigger the storage unit you’ll need; And, of course, the bigger the storage unit, the more it will cost you.

3. Create an Inventory List of all Items

So before packing belongings, be sure to create an inventory list of all of the items you plan to store.  I recommend keeping a copy for yourself and leaving one inside the storage unit. This way when you go to pull things out, you’ll have your inventory list right in front of you.

4. Store Items in Plastic Bins Instead of Boxes

It is recommended to place items inside airtight, clear plastic bins. This way, you can see what’s inside when you visit the storage unit.

5. Protect Items From Outside Conditions 

Mostly likely your storage unit is not climate controlled. You will need to take matters into your own hands to prevent damage to your belongings.  Over time, dust, moisture, mildew and even mold can develop if you fail to take proper precautions.

6. Disassemble Large Items 

Large items, such as beds and dining tables should be disassembled before placed into storage. Not only will you be able to save space by taking these items apart, but you’ll also be able to better protect these belongings from potential wear and tear.

7. Strategically Place Items Inside Storage Unit

Be strategic about how and where you decide to store them in the unit. If you’re looking to save space, try storing belongings in a vertical position. Also, all large and heavy items should be placed on the bottom. If laying your mattress flat, avoid putting it at the very bottom of the storage unit, as belongings on top are sure to put pressure on the padding and springs.

8. Other Things to Consider When Packing for Storage

The quality of your packaging materials is very important. The higher quality materials used the safer your belongings are from the elements. The size of the storage unit needed. If you are organized, you can fit more stuff into a smaller unit. Be sure to check out the overall safety and security of the unit.

What Our Customers Say

All In Movers helped my wife and I relocate to the CDA area from Lewiston. We had a fair amount of stuff and they made the transition seamless. There hard working crew was polite and personable, and they took GREAT care of our items. I highly recommend All In Movers for your next move.

Dustin P.

What a great experience! From start to finish, All In Movers was incredibly professional, punctual, and respectful of our time and personal items. I highly recommend this company for all your moving needs!

Tiffany D.

We used All In Movers with our last move and they made a long day of moving heavy items so much easier. They were friendly, professional, careful with our belonging and easy to work with! Highly recommend them!

Layci P.

Moving is the worst! So thankful to have such an awesome and trustworthy company here in the valley! I recommend All in Movers to anyone and everyone needing to move.

Lauren P.

They were awesome. Very professional and courteous. I would recommend them to anyone that needs help moving anything.

Crystal N.

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